Nokiamies homepage has been opened
Today 11.8.2023 I have offically opened Nokiamies homepage. Site is currently hosted on my German friend website You can visit my website frontpage from following link:

In the future this site will be offering wide resource for utilising old computers, cellular phones, game consoles and palm computers in modern age. Also this page may get software, hardware and game reviews.

Page has been optimised to work on older computers and browsers. Pages requires Netscape 3 or newer to function properly so they can be even on old 486 machine running Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Webpage does not use Javascript, cookies or CSS stylesheets so if you block them for security reasons site is still fully browsable. Site has been created using Netscape Composer 4.51 because it offers balance between easy site creation and compability.

I hope you will enjoy using my webpage!

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