Site  Description Nokiamies #1 Favorite page. Got famous Nuukiaworld with lot of useful tutorials for old nokia handsets and cool ringtones Homepage of aggressive German goose who for the time was hosting this site Homepage of Nathan Lineback, good graphical user interface gallery and cool doom mods Search engine for old computers using Duckduckgo and Mozilla readability, allows you search and view modern pages on old computer Search engine for simple non commercial pages. Useful for finding new sites compared modern search engines Private Usenet server. For those who prefer newsgroups over forums or (un)social media Channel 99. Nullsoft Video (NSV) compatible streams on 320x240*30fps glory. Great for watching streams on old or even new computer Protoweb project: Browse web like it would 90s! Here is Legacy friendly proxy list for Protoweb access Devuan Linux, port of Debian with ability to choose init system other than System-D ColibriOS. Lightweight modern operating system that fits even to floppy disk! Roytam1 software site. Developer has for example developed/working on Newmoon (XP compatible Palemoon port), IceApe-UXP (Port of Hyperbola IceApe-UXP for Windows XP and newer) and Retrozilla (Mozilla 1.5 based browser with TLS1.2 support for Widnows 95 and newer.

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