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Before sending me any email please note following:
-Only send me plaintext email, I will ignore any HTML or RTF messages.
-Only send me email in Finnish or in English, mails of any other language will be ignored
-Put something meaningful in subject line. Otherwise it will ignored and deleted as spam.
-I do not provide support for any issue with tutorials. Any mail asking help will be ingored
-Please do not send any offers for any commercial services, I do not need any and will flag you as spam
-I will not accept any sponsorship offers, this site is meant to be independent resource without corporate shilling. Any offers I recieve will be ignored.

However if you want to send me feedback or suggestion for my site please send email to address below (sorry for puzzle, it is meant to reduce automatic address crawling)

Let me give some hints for solving this puzzle: <piste> means dot and <miukumauku> means <at>.

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